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Tame the
wild beast

After an exciting Grand Final,
we now have the name of our winner, the person
who has shown themselves to be the most Wild.
Do you want to know who it is?
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A combination of notes which
capture the magnetism
of her movements.


Wild Elixir

A combination of exotic notes
which transport us
to a blazing sunset.

Wild Elixir

S by Shakira

If light could have its
own a fragrance, this
would be it,
S by Shakira.

S by Shakira

Eau Florale

positive energy
and flower freshness.

Eau Florale


Captivating, irresistible…
a combination of extremely
seductive notes.

Aphrodisiac New Aphrodisiac New
Elixir Elixir Wild Elixir Wild Elixir S by Shakira S by Shakira Eau Florale Eau Florale


Each fragrance expresses a different side
of the way she is: feminine,
sensual, vital, wild, hypnotic.
Which one are you?

Take the test


Answer these four questions and discover
which Shakira fragrance is for you.

1. Choose a colour

Drag here the color you
most identify with.


2. If you were an animal you would be…

Drag the circle and choose
your favourite animal


3. If you could be anywhere in the world, you’d be...

Experiencing the magnetism
of the desert.
Running through a green field full of wild flowers Walking beside the sea on a beautiful tropical beach. Enjoying the mystery of the Orient. Discovering the wild side
of nature

Put the circle on your
favourite landscape


3. Which adjective best describes you?

Sensual Sweet Hypnotic Untamed Independent

Drag the circle and define yourself



Pure magnetism

Powerful and exotic, everything you do is wrapped up with sensuality and desire. You have the perfect mix of character and delicacy. Your fragrance is: 



As free as the ocean

Fresh, spontaneous, vital …..You love outdoor activities. You are perfectly in tune with the pure energy of the sea. Your fragrance is:



Sweet and delicate

You enjoy the little details, and you like to develop your feminine side. You are a combination of sensuality and positive energy. Your fragrance is:



Full of Energy

You have, without a doubt, your own light. You transmit energy, sensuality and good vibrations. Everybody wants to be around you. Your fragrance is:

S by Shakira


100% Wild

You are a mysterious and hypnotic person. You know how to move to tame wild beasts. Even if you want to, you can’t hide your wild side. Your fragrance is:

Wild Elixir

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Singer, songwriter, record producer,
arranger, dancer, choreographer,
perfumer… Shakira puts her soul and her
very essence into everything she does.
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